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May 10, 2019

How Facial Massaging Rejuvenates Your Skin

When your body is sore and your muscles are tight, nothing feels more heavenly than a massage. It relaxes you, works the kinks out and leaves you feeling restored and ready for anything. Though many of us use massages to help relieve the strains of our bodies, we often forget that facial massages are also a much-needed practice. If you’re interested, keep reading to find out just what a facial massage can do for you!

1. Prevent Wrinkles

One of the biggest issues women have with the aging process is fine lines and wrinkles, which display your age right on your face. Daily life, including work, children, running a household and constant bills put undue stress on your body and create those lines. They are unavoidable over time but there’s no need for us to look older than we feel if we can help it. Facial massages can help keep those lines at bay by keeping your facial muscles relaxed and reducing how quickly those lines form. Regular massages, hydrating moisturizers, and even an ice roller or a facial wand can help you look younger for much longer.

2. Reduce Stress and Boost Your Mood

As well as creating those unwanted wrinkles, stress can tighten your facial muscles. Not only does this affect your mood in a negative way, but it can also cause pain in those muscles. The more stress you’re dealing with, the worse these issues can get. Thankfully, facial massages can help. Like the rest of your body, your face has numerous pressure points. Stimulating these areas using soft strokes can help reduce the stress, ease the pain and boost your mood--all at the same time.

3. Relieve Headaches

There are many different types of headaches, including tension headaches, cluster headaches, and migraines. Though medication is the go-to for many of us, a more natural alternative is to try out facial massages to deal with them. Those pressure points can be stimulated to help ease any headache symptoms. Since stress can increase the frequency of these headaches and massages decreases stress, the frequency of your headaches (and their severity) may also decrease over time.

4. Natural Beauty Treatment

Facelifts can be expensive and even dangerous if something goes wrong. Facial massages can give you similar effects, plus eliminate the risks that come with the less natural route. When you massage your face, it increases both collagen and blood production in your skin. This helps tighten your skin, as well as the facial muscles, which reduces sagging and leaves you with a healthy glow.

5. Better Circulation

Aging isn’t the only thing that decreases blood circulation in your body. The cosmetics you use, pollutants, lack of sleep and even air travel can all affect your blood flow. The results can be puffy skin and a pale face. To help increase blood flow, try out a facial massage. This can stimulate your lymphatic system, which lies just beneath the skin. When this happens, circulation is increased, sending more of that healthy, nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood throughout your body. Using an ice roller or facial wand with your massage can help speed up this process as well.

6. Reduce Inflammation

Skin inflammation from acne or rosacea isn’t just embarrassing, it can be painful for those dealing with it. There are various cleansers and treatments you can use to try to control these types of inflammation but they don’t always work as well as you hope. Since facial massages increase your circulation, it can actually speed up the healing process, reducing the inflammation. This light manipulation of your skin can also remove the toxins that are causing the breakouts in the first place. Of course, with any type of acne, cross-contamination or overstimulation can make the issue worse, so be sure to limit your massage sessions to 10 minutes or less.

7. Remove Impurities and Toxins

The lymph nodes in your face are connected to your entire lymphatic system. As you massage the ones along your chin and jawline, this starts up the rest of the system throughout your body. As well as removing toxins in your face, those impurities everywhere else will also move into the bloodstream, where they will be eliminated at a much higher rate.

8. Alleviate Sinus Congestion

For some people, the new beginnings of spring bring on a host of allergy symptoms, like congestion and sinus pain. Colds and other viruses can also bring on similar symptoms. For a healthy way to relieve these issues, you can try warming your hands and applying gentle pressure to the affected areas. This can help loosen the mucus in your sinus cavities. Your natural drainage system will then work better, removing the blockage and allowing you to breathe much easier.

Facial massages done with your hands alone, or with the help of ice rollers, facial wands or other helpful tools, have numerous benefits. With regular use, your skin will feel younger and healthier, plus you will feel better inside and out!


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