How a Digital Body Analyzer Will Help You Manage Your Fitness Goals

We’ve all seen a scale or two at some point during our lifetime. They’re usually tucked into a corner of the bathroom, out of sight for many of us who are not happy with the number we see when we step onboard. The issue with these scales is not just what they represent, which is how much weight we have or have not lost, it’s that they only give us a small part of the full picture.

That’s where the Body Analyzer comes in. This is more than just your average bathroom scale. It still calculates your weight but adds a whole bunch of extra information into the mix for you to get a more accurate picture of your body’s health.

It starts with the Bio Impedance Analysis technology or BIA. When you step on the stainless steel pads on the scale’s platform, an electrical current is passed through your body. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. In fact, you won’t even feel it. This electrical current is extremely important, though, since it measures all those vital body composition statistics as it goes through you.

So, what exactly does it measure? Well, as we said, it covers the weight portion but adds in your body fat percentage, the total body water percentage, your bone mass, and your muscle mass. This gives you a much more complete picture of your body’s health statistics than any normal scale. To make this even clearer, let’s break this down into each stat.

Body Fat Percentage

We all know that too much body fat is unhealthy but too little can be just as bad. Staying within a healthy range is best, giving your body the essential fats it needs to keep running smoothly. That’s right, you need somebody fat to be healthy, so find out the right percentage for your gender, age and athletic level and go from there.

Body Water Percentage

Most of us are aware that humans are made up of quite a bit of water. Without it, our cells wouldn’t be able to function properly, which would affect how our bodies work. This is why the Body Analyzer checks out your water weight, to be sure you’re getting enough of those healthy fluids to keep everything running smoothly. Drinking lots of water also helps to flush out your system, clearing out toxins and helping you lose weight, so stay hydrated.

Bone Mass

Have you ever heard someone say they have “big bones”? This is actually true for some of us. Eventually, our bones do start to weaken, which means they weigh less than they did when we were in our prime. Other issues may also cause weakening in the bones, like huge fluctuations in your weight from constantly dieting and gaining again. Weak bones can get brittle, breaking more easily from bumps or falls you would have only had slight bruises from before. Keeping track of your bone density will help keep them strong enough to handle anything life throws at you.

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