Have You Made the Switch to Clean Beauty?


Remember when we didn’t think twice about picking out a product from the drugstore and slapping it on our face? Little did we know that a lot of the beauty formulas we swore by contained harsh chemicals that have been proven to cause serious damage to our health and the environment around us. Not to mention, the fact that now we know regulation of what’s contained in our products is pretty much non-existent. More and more we see stores like Sephora and Target categorizing clean beauty brands as their own entity and we’re here for it!

We know, it’s a lot to take in but don’t fret—we’ve broken down why you need to start shopping clean, and what products we recommend to help you get out of that toxic relationship.


First thing’s first—read up on clean, non-toxic beauty brands. Natural and organic doesn’t always immediately translate the same as “certified clean” beauty, so it’s important to either read up on ingredients online or spend time reading the back of the packaging while in-store. “greenwashing” in the industry has become a thing, so it’s important to not be triggered by words like “organic” and assume it’s good for you.

Labels should be super transparent—simple to understand using words like “fragrance-free” or “preservative-free” on the bottle. However, please do your research ahead of purchasing. Trust us, the confidence in knowing you’re putting pure products on your face and body is worth the time!


Look for products containing harmful hormone disrupters, carcinogens and synthetic chemicals —ingredients commonly found in many beauty products. Let’s list out some of the most harmful ingredients to look out for:



Not all products are created perfectly, but to let go of any toxicity in your beauty bag, you must look out for certain ingredients and just say “no!” Maybe your fave shade of red lipstick contains fragrances, and your must-have hair mousse is full of phthalates—there are so many clean options on the market that provide major pigmentation in makeup and the same soft, results in haircare. It’s never been easier to live a non-toxic life.


Speaking of, let us help you clean out what you currently have and start with a few suggestions. Of course we’ve picked out a few bundles from our most recent collaboration with 100% Pure™ to bring you products that we are happy to say are 100% Pure™, clean and non-toxic!

Our Super Serum Booster Bundle packs a punch of clean ingredients to help you morning and night. Rise, shine, and decrease puffiness under the eyes with 100% Pure™ Coffee Bean Caffeine Eyes and set yourself up for a good and clean night’s sleep with a Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants Potent PM Serum. Boost the effectiveness of skin care and lock in all those clean ingredients using our Vanity Planet Forever Young Hot & Cold Wand and your skin will thank you 24/7.

With our Cloud Cleanser Bundle, you’ll keep things clean…literally. With every pump of pure ingredients from the 100% Pure™ Cucumber Cloud Foam Cleanser, you’ll soothe and detox your complexion from dirt, oil, and impurities along the skin’s surface and deep down into your pores. Thanks to help from our handy-dandy Raedia Facial Cleansing Brush, each clean experience is invigorating to say the least.

By minimizing your arsenal and focusing on pure, non-toxic skincare brands you’ll find yourself with better skin, better health, an enhanced beauty experience you can trust, and supporting some independent brands that share common beliefs.

Just like a toxic relationship with an ex, we need to say goodbye to things that are bad for us and learn to love ourselves again. When it comes to creating a new way of shopping for clean beauty products, you’ll live in a healthier, happier, more holistic place—and still look real damn good!


Contributed by Sarah Ashley Cutrona

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