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Happy Hair Secrets: A Complete Summer Hair Care Guide!

Posted on April 26 2017

The summer sun feels like a blessing on our winter-weary shoulders, practically screaming for us to get outside and bask in its relieving warmth! During the cold months of the year, your hair loses valuable moisture to the dry air and becomes dull and flat. With the return of April showers, moisture is restored to the air and, for better or for worse, so does the body in your hair. Before you go for broke and hit the beaches without hesitation, take a minute to protect your hair from the elements; though your locks feel strong and ready to fly free, they'll need your help to stay that way through the season. Here's the only complete summer hair care guide you'll ever need:

Keep your hair hydrated!

Because the weather can wreak havoc on your precious curls, make sure to keep it well-conditioned and hydrated. In addition to using a deep conditioner, we recommend employing a restorative hair treatment, such as the incredibly effective Remi Moisturizing & Restorative Hair Treatment. This can bring dry, dull, and damaged hair back to life and keep it feeling vibrant and sexy through the heat. Keeping your locks extra moisturized also prevents frizzy hair and fly aways during humid weather, making it easy to look carefree and ready for summer fun. The sun isn't your only adversary, however-- be sure to use a leave-in conditioner and a swimming cap if you're planning to play in the waves. Even braiding your conditioned locks can keep them from getting too dry (without compromising style, of course!). Then, after retreating from the water for the day, immediately rinse your hair thoroughly and use a light shampoo to remove chemicals and salt residue. Simply recondition and head out!

Protect your hair from damaging UV rays.

Without a second thought, we throw on sunglasses and sunscreen to protect our skin and eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun, but our hair is often left relatively unprotected from its wrath. To make an elegant statement and also keep your tresses in tact, try a lovely, light, silk scarf as a head covering, which will shield your hair from a good portion of the UV radiation. Hats, leave-in conditioner with added sunscreen, and hair products like Moses Anti-Aging Smoothing Elixir can all reduce damage to your hair and pave the road for longer lasting smoothness. Oils like argan, vitamin E, and jasmine contribute to a shiny, nearly invincible silkiness that combats the sun's drying qualities. Even if you're not into the headgear, take preventative measures to protect your mane.

Pick a loose, airy hairdo.

Since the elements are wearing away at your hair, stress to the strands isn't recommended. Pulling, twisting, or stretching the hair can take your smooth 'do and make it a frizzy mess in no time; your hair dries out from the sun and treated water, making it brittle and easy to break. Putting tight hair clips, scrunchies, and the like in your hair to keep it piled up is a major no-no! Instead, use a length of ribbon or a wide strip of fabric to gently gather the hair up and away from your face and neck. The more air passing through your hair and near your roots, the less sweaty your scalp will be, leading to a longer lasting style. Other great options to keep cool are soft cloth headbands and hair sticks, or any other accessory that won't damage the follicles through gripping or pulling. Don't forget to nurture your scalp, too! Give yourself the ultimate scalp rejuvenation with Groove Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush, a vibrating and cleansing scalp massager that's great for all hair types.

Check out these superb, luxurious hair care products and look for more summer wellness tips on our website, or contact us with your questions anytime!


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