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Cue Clip Free Curling Wand Launch: The Next Big Thing In Styling

Posted on May 29 2017

Vanity Planet is happy to introduce the next product in their hair care and styling lineup, the curling wand of the future: Cue Clip-Free Curling Wand. Cue says "Good bye" to the traditional clip, which did more harm than good, while still promising the curls users have always wanted.

Anyone who has struggled to use other curling wands knows the difficulties presenting by stationary cords and clips, but Cue has been designed specifically not to crimp or crease your beautiful curls. A rotating cord also means you get full 360-degree usage. The curling wand follows you as you move, not the other way around. Cue isn't bulky, either, which makes it a good option for anyone who has struggled with heavier, traditional curling wands and styling tools.

All the details have been covered. The lightweight aluminum barrel is ceramic coated to produce curls with tons of bounce and softness but no frizz. Cue is safe to use with all hair types. Users can simply adjust the temperature between 375 and 410° F with the easy-to-use button to prevent damage to their hair. Even heat means greater ease of use than with other curling wands, which heat your curls unevenly and require more effort to get hair just right. With Cue, users don't have to worry that part of their hair is heating unevenly and taking more damage than the rest of their hair.

Cue Clip-Free Curling Wand has a cool-tip end to help style your hair, and it also comes with a styling glove, which is necessary with curling wands of this style to prevent anymore burned fingers while maneuvering hair around the barrel. No clip means no tugging when it's time to release that beautiful hair! Curls simply unravel from the barrel. And hair stays shiny because Cue doesn't damage it or crease hair health after use. 

Choose from either a 1-inch tapered or 1.25-inch straight barrel to meet your needs. Wrap hair around the wider shaft toward the middle of the tapered shaft for larger curls or wrap it down the length for varied, natural curls. The larger barrel provides the voluminous curls you've been looking for.

This curling wand takes little practice to produce professional results! No experience is necessary to get beautiful curls with the Cue curling wand, unlike with complicated curling wands that mechanically wind hair into curls and cause damage when hair becomes tangled. Cue can even produce curls that last for days between shampoos! So there's no worry that hair will fall flat throughout the course of the day. 

The Cue Clip-Free Curling Wand works with both flat and twisted curls, and users can combine the techniques to produce more looks than ever. Cue can create everything from beachy waves to big, bold curls. It all depends on how tightly you wrap your hair. 

Brushing out curls (Vanity Planet makes several compatible brushes) creates perfect waves. Or users can set curls created with this clip-free curling wand with Vanity Planet's curl spray or texturize with sea salt spray if they prefer.

The Cue curling wand from Vanity Planet might just have users thinking they've discovered a real-life magic wand for hair!

Cue Clip Free Curling Wand retails for $49.99 while similar products retail for over $100. Cue will be available from the Vanity Planet website.

Vanity Planet makes beauty products and appliances to make life easier. The Cue styling wand joins a line of flat irons, hair treatments, toothbrushes, smile whitening products, manicure and pedicure tools, cleaning brushes, cosmetics, and makeup brushes. 

Contact us for more information on the Cue Curling Wand and other hair care and beauty products.

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