Choosing the Best Brush for Your Skin

Let’s face it, we all care about how we look and feel. That doesn’t mean we’re full of ourselves, it just means we understand that a great skincare routine and healthy lifestyle make us feel our best each day. And there’s no shame in that. So let us help you bump up your daily beauty ritual by finding the cleansing device that’s right for you.

You may be wondering what's the difference between our popular Spin for Perfect Skin and Ultimate Skin Spa. For starters, the Spin for Perfect Skin is crafted to cleanse and buff your entire body, while the Ultimate Skin Spa is specifically designed for day-to-day facial treatment. Need a little more info? We’ve broken down the facts and features of these scrubbing systems below:

Spin for Perfect Skin

Our Spin for Perfect Skin Face & Body Cleansing Brush is a luxurious full-body system that cleanses, exfoliates and smoothes your entire body – even hard-to-reach areas like your back, and trouble spots like cracked heels and rough elbows. 

  • Use the Daily Cleansing Brush Head during your everyday beauty routine to leave your face refreshed and glowing
  • Remove dead skin cells and lift dirt and oil trapped deep in your pores with the Exfoliating Brush Head
  • Move to the Body Brush Head and enjoy a thorough, invigorating clean
  • Finish up by buffing calluses from your feet and elbows using the Pumice Stone Head.
  • It’s shower friendly
  • Spin mode speed tailored for face, body and feet treatment

    Fight breakouts, target oily skin and invigorate your whole body with one simple system. With the Spin for Perfect Skin in your beauty arsenal, you’ll enjoy soft, silky skin (from head to toe).

    Ultimate Skin Spa

    The first time you wash your face with our Ultimate Skin Spa will feel like you’ve washed your face at an entirely different level. What feels like a year’s worth of dirt and debris will be gently but thoroughly buffed away, leaving nothing but smooth, soft, glowing skin behind. 

    • Dual-speed lightweight spin brush suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive
    • Gently but thoroughly removes hard-to-get dirt, makeup and debris
    • Water-resistant for use in the shower
    • Skin is left clean, smooth and ready to absorb masks, serums and moisturizer
    • 3 interchangeable brush heads are included: Daily Cleansing Brush Head, Weekly Exfoliating Brush Head and Silicone Brush Head for sensitive skin
    • Includes hard protective case for storage and travel

      This dual-speed handheld spin brush works with your favorite cleanser and one of three interchangeable brush heads to customize the perfect routine for your skin type.

      Now you’re ready to choose which brush is right for you. But don’t stress too much, either way your skin will thank you. Happy cleansing!

      Beauty Tech for the Best Skin Yet