Blast Blemishes With These 6 Acne Fighters

The pimple, it often strikes at the most inappropriate time. Often brought on by stress, hormones, or maybe just a long history of reactive skin—blemishes can truly put a damper on your day.

Today, we have several products that truly transform your acne routine to initiate quick and easy, visible results. Here some of our favorites for getting better skin and being acne-free (the safe way!), starting today.

Acne Cleanser

Having a hard time sourcing an effective daily acne cleanser that won’t dry out your skin—making your acne worse? Sticking to a formula using 2% salicylic acid eliminates bacteria and combats the overproduction of oil and enlarged pores. We highly suggest making a specialized cleanser part of your acne treatment to combat breakouts and help tame reactive skin over time.

Blemish-Fighting Toner

Battling breakouts without drying out your skin can feel like an impossible task even with an effective cleanser. Toners are also ideal this time of year as they help maintain a natural summertime glow while conquering oil and perspiration. Also, toners help lessen scarring overtime and help eliminate dehydrated skin. Your toner should use both AHA and BHA to balance and regulate the skin while adding brightness. Say bye-bye to the dullness associated with a super oily or dry complexion for good!

Clarifying Gel

Honestly, our first secret weapon for battling pimples is always a tiny drop of our beloved Clear clarifying gel on top of each blemish. Our staff uses it to combat both the occasional pimple and as part of more elaborate daily acne-fighting protocols. Easy to use with your regular skincare regimen, it soothes irritation without causing further redness or inflammation. We love using at the first sign of a pimple or blackhead—in addition to using it in a consistent matter to treat acne scars. Bonus, it smoothes coarse skin, hydrates, and stops flakey skin on contact!

Hyaluronic Gel

Hyaluronic boost gel improves our skin’s water retention by up to 136%! We feel an immediate difference at first use. Designed to penetrate through the skin's many layers, it helps our complexion stay moisturized for hours increasing our skin’s water content which helps keep it balanced to ward off pimples.

Multi-Perfecting Moisturizer

A lightweight, multi-perfecting moisturizer is always a good idea for fighting and stabilizing acne-prone skin. Use a multi-use moisturizer with the power of plants to calm and protect. Using plant extracts, antioxidants, and ultra-hydrating algae, it helps regulate skin while keeping it dewy for a full 24-hours. 

LED Spot Healer

If you haven’t tried Veil, our new LED acne spot treatment, then we highly suggest you do. Trained to attack acne before it starts, this gem has rescued our skin time and time again at the first sign of irritation. *Approved by the FDA*, Veil is portable and easy to use any time of day. Cast blue and red LED light to destroy acne-forming bacteria, calm inflammation and shrink pores instantly. Pair with any of the other products above to stop pimples from forming, decrease their “shelf life” on your skin, and treat scarring. Oh, and more good news—100% of users saw a reduction in current acne, swelling. Additionally, more than 90% of users saw a reduction in breakout occurrences.

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