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Tips and Tools to Prevent or Fix Any Bad Hair Day

Posted on March 15 2017

Has a bad hair day ever left you feeling like the only solution is to hide under an old ball cap? Ditch that cap and get proactive! Most bad hair days can be prevented by regularly using quality tools and hair products.  For unavoidable bad hair days, keeping the proper tools at hand will help you make quick, no-fuss fixes. 

Check out these tips and tools to help prevent or fix a bad hair day.

Style with Quality Tools

When styling your hair, be sure to use quality styling tools.  Using a 100% ceramic styling iron is one of the best ways to keep your hair in great condition.  Ceramic irons help protect your hair by locking in moisture and preventing damage to your locks.  Our Tame | Pro-Style Titanium Tourmaline Flat Iron is 100% ceramic and specially designed with floating plates that helps you achieve frizz-free style.

Keep Tame Iron in Your Bag

Have you ever spent hours creating the perfect look for your hair, only to see it destroyed by rain or winter weather? Try keeping Tame | Pro-Style Titanium Tourmaline Flat Iron in your bag for quick touch ups! Tame is perfect for hair that has unexpectedly become damp from the weather. Our Tame Iron is safe for your wet hair and will get it back to silky and smooth in no time.

Treat your Hair to a Spa Day

You'd treat your skin to a facial, so why not give your hair the same star treatment? It is essential to restore dry or damaged hair regularly. Hair masks and treatments are the best way to breathe new life into your mane. Our Restore & Hydrate Hair Treatment will moisturize your hair and keep it looking great between treatments.  Best of all, it is 100% natural and free of chemicals!

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