5 Reasons Exfoliation is Everything This Summer

With summer in the air, we recognize that not all exfoliation is created equal. At Vanity Planet, we believe in full-body exfoliation (yes, that includes the face) for an overall sensation of smooth.

In fact, we’re so enthusiastic about the benefits of head-to-toe softness—we designed a whole new product to turn shower hour into a soothing exfoliating experience. Meet VP’s new Face & Body Polish. Our gentle, all-over polisher serves as a rich, manual massage of creamy moisturizing texture to quench dryness and impart that rich summer glow.

Read on as we breakdown the Top 5 Reasons Why Exfoliation Is Key To Amazing Summer Skin. We dissect why a good summer scrub is essential for keeping your skin looking and feeling it’s youthful best—and why a universal face and body polisher (like ours!) is holy grail goodness.

Quench Seasonal Dryness

Summer dryness is even more apparent than winter flakiness, as skin is more exposed and the sun can emphasize and exacerbate dryness. Proper skin exfoliation also helps to repair dry skin by removing rough patches and dead skin cells.

Better Self-Tanner and Makeup Application

Manual exfoliation makes for the best face scrub as it’s a gentle alternative to abrasive chemical options. Since we celebrate clean beauty and wellness practices at VP, we engineered our exfoliating face and body scrub to be 100% Vegan to naturally increase hydration.

Our mild exfoliating scrub gently whisks away dry residue and pesky pore-clogging grime to cushion the face in non-irritating polishers. Using a soft, all-over exfoliator helps create an even canvas for streak-free self tanning on the face and body. And with body makeup becoming super popular, you can guarantee even coverage on that front, too!

Psst…our new face and body polisher never feels gritty or harsh—even on delicate skin.

Smoother Shave

We designed our new polisher to be safe for universal skin exfoliation—making it the ultimate pre-shave ritual. Consider using our Spin For Perfect Skin (on the body only) in conjunction with our Face & Body Polish to prep the body for your smoothest shave yet.

Younger Looking Skin

We all understand SPF wards off early aging and cancer, but did you know that correct application is also key? Face and body exfoliation is ideal in ensuring proper SPF absorption so make it your healthy practice to use both a face scrub and body exfoliator to maximize the benefits of your SPF.

Our Face & Body Polish is formulated with Rosehip and Vitamin C to further reduce wrinkles, Vitamin E to help protect against UV damage, and Lemon Oil to reduce acne breakouts.

Reasons Why We’re All About This Summer Polisher

Universal Exfoliation

We love a great ‘one and done’ product and our Face & Body Polish guarantees all-over exfoliation without the fuss. Up-level your shower experience with a multi-use exfoliation system to banish the need for two separate products—and save your skin from abrasive, skin-agitating granules.

Remember buffed skin is younger looking skin. Removing dull, flakey skin all-over is the easiest way to look fresh in this season of sun.

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