5 Crazy Easy Ways to Get a Jump on Fabulous Summer Skin Care NOW!

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5 Crazy Easy Ways to Get a Jump on Fabulous Summer Skin Care NOW!

Posted on April 21 2017

As winter gives way to warmer weather and higher humidity, the skin care routine you used during cold weather isn't necessarily what you need to do once the mercury rises. When temperatures heat up, it causes your pores to open. This allows dirt, allergens, and pollutants to seep into the skin more readily than during the colder months.

In many regions, warm weather equals higher humidity. You'd think that more moisture in the air means moister skin, but the opposite is actually true. Humidity tends to sap our skin of its moisture, leaving it more susceptible to problems (and definitely not looking its best). It's harder for humid air to absorb sweat, rendering this essential cooling mechanism mostly useless. Hotter temperatures trigger all sorts of skin problems, from breakouts to eczema flare-ups to allergic reactions (poison oak or ivy, anyone? No thanks!).

Before warm spring days give way to the brutally hot summer, revitalize your skin care routine to prevent damage and keep your skin as healthy and beautiful as it can be.

1. Simplify Your Skin Care Routine

Those long, winter nights staying in out of the cold gave you loads of time for 15-minute facial masks and other time-intensive treatments. Once summer rolls around, you'll be too busy playing and having fun to keep up with it. Trim your routine down into a manageable few minutes each morning and evening. It's far better to have a simple routine that you actually stick to than a complex routine that you tend to skip when you get busy.

2. Cleanse & Exfoliate Properly

As the sun, wind, and temperatures take their toll on your skin, it's important to keep the dirt, oils, pollutants, allergens, and dead skin cells washed away. Chemical exfoliates can damage the skin and sometimes lead to allergic reactions. Consider swapping to a manual exfoliating brush that naturally swipes these pollutants and dull cells away, revealing a fresh layer of skin underneath. Exfoliation deep cleans your skin, leaving it better able to absorb your moisturizer, sunscreen, and other treatments. Supplement a good quality cleanser with a regular exfoliating brush.

3. Tone & Moisturize Thoroughly

Cleansing and exfoliating properly leaves your skin open to both healthy and unhealthy elements. After cleansing and exfoliating, it's important to replenish your skin's natural protection with a good toner and moisturizer. Some moisturizers have toning properties, reducing a complicated two-step process into a simpler, summer-friendly one-step regimen. Opt for oil-free products. You can cut down on your routine's complexity further by getting a two-in-one moisturizer and sunscreen or a two-in one moisturizer and anti-aging treatment. Many products are available in day-night formulas: a night cream to treat problems like acne or wrinkles and a day cream with sunscreen protection. Moisturizing the skin isn't just an outside-in thing. It's also an inside-out thing. Drink plenty of fluids, particularly water, all summer, especially when you'll be outdoors or physically active.

4. Repair & Protect Your Skin

Try as you might, there's probably going to be at least a time or two this summer that your skin gets a little too much sun or wind or other damage. Take the time to immediately address any problems, so that the incident causes minimal damage. Treat sun and wind burns with Aloe Vera or witch hazel, which are natural alternatives to chemical skin treatments. Give your skin a break and allow it to heal before returning to the sun and elements. Like Mama always said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Schedule your outdoor activities so that you're indoors or under protective covering during the hottest hours of the day (usually between noon and 4 p.m., depending on the location). Don't forget that wind is as damaging as sun. Supplement your sunscreen with a hearty moisturizer, and don't forget lip balm, especially if you'll be on the beach, in a boat, or in other windy conditions.

5. Know Your Type

Darker skin tones easily show white skin care and protective products, giving skin an unattractive ashy look. Usually, products containing zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide cause this problem. Look for products without these ingredients, because it's better to get a product you'll use and enjoy than to go without. Products marketed as "all natural" get quite pricy, so opt for natural skin moisturizers that don't have chemicals. Try Shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and cucumber. These ingredients are often used in commercial moisturizers, but using them without all the chemicals and additives is healthier for you and your skin. Using natural products like these is also a lot cheaper than buying those expensive, highly-marketed creams and lotions.

With a simple, smart skin care routine, your skin stays beautiful all summer long, without spending a small fortune. Bring it, summer, we're prepared! Vanity Planet brings you the luxuriously affordable skin care tools and supplies you need all summer long. 

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