5 Reasons You’ll Love Facial Steaming With Aira

Ever have one of those days? We find that facial steaming really helps clear the mind and soul, not just your complexion! Read on to learn more about the five tried-and-true benefits of facial steaming. 

1. A Facialist on Speed-Dial

Prepping your skin for an important day or just wanting to pamper at-home? Facial steaming can help with both! A soothing facial steamer customizes treatments for the face, neck and décolleté to remove dryness and that unwanted layer of dead skin to allow nutrients from your skincare ingredients to truly penetrate.

Packed with the power of fine ionic mist, a facial steamer also gently exfoliates, detoxifies, and cleanses your skin like the pros without the need for extractions—regardless of skin type or time of season. Pair facial steaming with a fortified clean serums (especially hyaluronic acid) to amp skin’s elasticity and glow this winter. 

2. Your Go-To Reset button

Skin health is always our top priority! Facial steamers can de-bloat the skin by detoxing the complexion of impurities. As a bonus, they also decongests sinuses and decompresses your entire being after a long day. Melt away stress while flushing out toxins and feeling invigorated.

3. Aromatherapy On-Demand

Aside from boosting hydration, our facial sauna is the perfect remedy for relaxation. The ultra-fine nano steam cycles warm mist way longer than other traditional facial steamers, so we recommend adding essential oil for a memorable treat. So lay back, relax, and take in the aromatherapy steam! 

4. A Must-Have Sleep Aid

Drift off to better sleep after receiving deep relaxation therapy with facial steaming. We find that it gently lulls us to sleep after a heavy day. It’s quickly become the office bedtime ritual.

First use and you’ll agree— Facial steaming is the trick to better recuperative beauty sleep and the ultimate in skin pampering.

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