How To Use Oil Cleanser

Calling all skincare junkies! The days of make up wipes and parched skin are finally behind us - whew! Remember when we thought we had to sacrifice that silky smooth feeling for clean skin?

These days we all are trying to be more conscious of what products we're putting onto our skin, and consequently, what ends up in the landfill - that's why we're ditching the makeup wipes and gravitating towards an oil cleansing method that's both environmentally friendly and effective in rejuvenating that baby skin of yours, so its ready for whatever your day (or night) takes you!

If you're an avid make-up wearer, you'll be sure to want to incorporate an oil cleanser into your skincare routine. So how does it work? We'll break it down for you:

What is Oil Cleanser?

First things first. What exactly is oil cleansing?

We're glad you asked! Oftentimes, oil-based cleansers are meant to be the first step in your cleansing ritual. Double cleansing is a popular method beauty gurus and skincare specialists swear by - and for good reason! Stemming from the K-beauty world, it consists of cleansing your skin first with an oil-based cleanser and following with a water-based cleanser.

But hold on! Cleansing with oil doesn't mean you should grab any random oil you've got sitting in the back of the kitchen cupboard. There are many great oil cleaners out there to take your pick from, coming in forms ranging from cleansing balms to well, oil.

How Do Oil Cleansers Work?

Now you may be wondering, won't using an oil cleanser make my skin more oily? Will it work for me if I already have oily skin? If you're hesitant to try out an oil cleanser method, don't fret.

Oil cleansers work to melt and dissolve all the dirt, makeup, sunscreen, sebum, and other substances from your face, lifting up all the gunk that likes to clog your pores. Another benefit to oil cleansing is that it is non-disruptive to the skin's microbiome, meaning it won't strip away any natural goodies your face needs.

Cleansing balms can give you relatively similar results - the main difference is found in texture and packaging, with balms taking on a more solid, buttery consistency while liquid oils come in bottles with easy pump access.

How to Use Oil Cleanser

Knowing how to properly use an oil cleanser can make or break your cleansing experience - many of us who self-identify as suffering from sensitive skin may actually be incorrectly washing or putting the wrong ingredients on our skin that cause irritation. If your skin is prone to a freak-out, stay away from wipes, abrasive scrubs, and fragrances in your skincare products. It might be time to try out a more gentle method!

So grab your favorite oil cleanser and get ready to follow along with these tips and tricks to get you started on your oil cleansing journey!

Apply to dry skin.

You'll want to start out with dry skin and save the water for later on. Remember, water and oil are not besties, and are not willing to easily mix when used together. Gently apply a small amount to start around the face - a little will go a long way!

Massage into skin.

Time to 'scrub a dub dub' and gently work the cleansing oil into your skin. Start with light circular motions, giving yourself a nice facial massage for about 1-2 minutes. Give it time to let your skin thoroughly break up all the impurities!

Make sure you don't leave oils on your skin for much longer, as you run the risk of your skin absorbing back oils and increasing blockage buildup -- No thank you!

Add water.

Now its time to add some water! Water will activate the oil formula, making it emulsify into a milky consistency so you can soak up all the skin benefits it has to offer. This just means the water will react with the oil and make it easier to remove, so it doesn't leave an oily residue on your face. Now that's what we like to hear!

Letting the formula emulsify properly is super important in a successful oil cleanse and getting all the oil off your skin -- Otherwise, you'll just end up spreading the oils around without actually removing them. This is why straying away from natural or raw oils that aren't made for the purpose of skincare will be more beneficial to you in the long run.

Rinse clean and pat dry.

Rinse for about 30 seconds and go straight into washing with your water based cleanser. BOTH of the steps in the double cleansing process are very important in making sure all the grime and gunk is off your face at the end of the day, so don't forget to go in with your water based cleanser after the oil is gone and washed away.

Pat dry with a clean towel and voilà! As smooth and clean as ever!

Should I Use Oil Cleanser Everyday?

It's safe to use oil cleansers daily, but it shouldn't be used more than once a day. Oil cleansers can also be used periodically as needed, if you're just starting out. Additionally, it is most beneficial to use an oil cleanser at night, right before bed. This way, your skin is sure to be rid of the day's makeup and dirt, prepped, and hydrated for the night ahead!


And ta da! You're golden, ready to hit the pillow and wake up refreshed for the day ahead. Everyone deserves to feel hydrated and confident in their skin, without worrying about all that makeup and gunk clogging up our pores, so go get that silky smooth feel you've been waiting for.

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