Where is my order?

Please make sure to check the tracking information that was provided to you, via your shipment confirmation email, to see most recent activity on your package. 

You can find and track your package here

Please check your email as we send order confirmations along with your tracking number. 

Orders that have been fulfilled and sent out may take the full 7–10 business days for delivery (not including weekends). A package is considered lost in transit if the package does not show movement for 15 days or more or if the package is not confirmed delivered by 30 business days. If you are still unable to locate your package please contact us as soon as possible by using any of our contact methods and please provide your order # and Order Details.

Please note: If you still haven't received a tracking number your order is waiting to be fulfilled at the fulfillment center.  Once your order has left our warehouse, all US orders will receive a confirmation email with tracking information.