Vibe | Professional Vibrating Flat Iron FAQ

Q: How should I store my Vibe | Professional Vibrating Flat Iron?

A: We recommend that you store your Vibe completely cooled with the cord wrapped separately from the handle. Avoid wrapping the cord around the handle as it may damage it. You can store it in its box or in a drawer as well.

Q: Why does my flat iron vibrate?

A: The vibrations do a few things for your hair and straightening experience. First they lessen the amount of friction between your hair and the iron, so you don’t pull or tug as much. The vibrating, flexible plates also allow you to straighten your hair faster, so it’s a time saver for people with thick hair.

Q: How long does it take for my Vibe | Professional Vibrating Flat Iron to cool down?

A: Your Vibe may take 15-20 minutes to completely cool. We suggest you leave it out for a good amount of time before storing or handling the plates.

Q: How do I clean the ceramic plates?

A: Wipe down the Tourmaline Ceramic plates with a slightly damp cloth while device is turned off and cooled. Make sure to carefully clean around the edges to remove any hair product overspray.

Q: How do I clean the handle, and how often should I clean it?

A: To remove any residue or buildup, clean the handle at least once a week by taking a slightly damp cloth and wiping down the body of the unplugged device. Do not use soap.

Q: Can I use my Vibe | Professional Vibrating Flat Iron on synthetic hair?

A: We do not recommend using Vibe on synthetic hair as it is set at a very high temperature over 400F. If you choose to do so, make certain that the synthetic hair you are using is heat resistant to avoid any damage or melting.

Q: Can I use Vibe on wet hair?

A: No, the Vibe is not designed to be used on wet hair.

Q: Can I burn myself using my Vibe?

A: Yes, like any hair tool, you can still burn yourself if you do not use Vibe in the right way. Avoid touching the top of Vibe near the plates as the side of the heated plates are exposed and can burn your hand while straightening. Do not hold down the iron on top for an extended period of time. The safest place to hold Vibe is on the handle.