Ultimate Teeth Whitening System FAQ

Q: How many different people can use each kit?

A: The kits are designed for one individual. This kit contains enough gel for approximately 20-24 uses, however to achieve optimal results, one person should use the gel repeatedly. Also, please note that the trays are custom molded to each person's mouth and each kit only comes with one set of trays.

Q: Will this whiten a dead tooth?

A: Dead teeth do not behave the same as living teeth. Many dentists will tell you that it is unlikely that the dead tooth will benefit from the application of any whitening product.

Q: How big are the moldings after formed? Are they the size of mouth guards? Or are they small enough you don't feel them?

A: The trays are slightly smaller than mouth guards but are definitely noticeable to the wearer.

Q: I grind my teeth at night and my dentist told me I need a night guard. Can the molds also be used for this purpose? I understand I would only need either an upper or lower mold.

A: Unfortunately, the molds are not designed to be used to aid teeth grinding.

Q: Do you know if the gel can be used for sensitive teeth?

A: Individual tolerance varies from person to person. Some people do experience reversible tooth sensitivity and/or gum irritation. Steps can be taken to minimize this, including decreasing the length of each bleaching session and increasing the amount of time between bleaching sessions. The remineralizing gel, included in the kit, is also used to desensitize the teeth and prevent tooth sensitivity.

Q: I understand this will not whiten implants but is this safe to use on them?

A: Yes, the whitening gel is safe for implants.

Q: Is there an expiration date on this?

A: The gel is good for 1 year and should be kept out of direct sunlight for storage.

Q: Do these kits do any damage to the enamel?

A: No, the gel does not damage the enamel if instructions are followed.

Q: Do the kits work on tetracycline stains?

A: No, this will not whiten the discoloration caused by tetracycline.

Q: Are there any side affects from using the Ultimate Teeth Whitening System?

A: Some clients experience mild, temporary sensitivity.

Q: How long do you keep the solution on the teeth, before rinsing?

A: You should typically keep the solution on your teeth for 20-30 minutes.

Q: Where is this product manufactured?

A: All teeth whitening products are manufactured in the United States.

Q: Where are the ingredients from?

A: All teeth whitening ingredients are from the United States.

Q: Does the Whitening Pro System meet ADA guidelines or is it approved by the ADA?

A: The ADA does not approve products nor does it govern manufacturing standards. It does endorse certain products; however, we have not sought an endorsement from them. All the Teeth whitening products are manufactured in FDA Registered Facilities in the USA.     

Q: When will I see improvement?

A: This is subjective to each individual – most begin noticing improvement after their first session.

Q: Is it safe to use while pregnant?

A: Please do not use if you are pregnant – please consult with your physician.

Q: Is there any flavor to this?

A: There is a mild, hint of mint to the flavoring, but it is not mint flavored.