Smile Systems FAQ

Q: Is this a whitening strip?

A: No, you are given an upper and lower tray per use.

Q: Where is this product made?

A: The Smile System is manufactured in the United States.

Q: Is this product FDA approved?

A: This product is made in an FDA approved facility, but it is not FDA Approved itself. 

Q: Does the Smile Systems meet ADA guidelines or is it actually approved by the ADA?

A: The ADA does not approve products nor does it govern manufacturing standards. It does endorse certain products however we have not sought an endorsement from them. This teeth whitening product is manufacturing to meet FDA guidelines.  

Q: How to use Smile System?

A: Simply place a set of trays in your mouth and you are 20 minutes away from a whiter smile. 

Q: When should I see results?

A: Results may vary; however, if used consistently you should see a difference after day 3.