Elite Sonic Toothbrush FAQ

Q: Do the bristles vibrate or does the whole thing vibrate?

A: The brush itself moves at 40,000 sonic strokes per minute. While the lower portion of the unit doesn't vibrate, carry over vibration may be felt through the handle.

Q: How is the unit powered?

A: The travel case plugs into a USB port via the USB cable. It can be plugged into a USB port on a computer or other device, or in a wall unit using a USB power adaptor. The brush does not need to be "plugged into" the travel case, it simply rests in the specially designed space in the unit, and it will charge as long as the case itself is plugged in.

Q: How long does the full charge last?

A: A full charge will last roughly two weeks depending upon usage by the consumer.

Q: Are the replacement heads compatible with Sonicare?

A: No.

Q: Can we choose soft brush/bristles?

A: The product comes with one type of brush/bristles that are considered medium firmness.

Q: How does the sanitation work?

A: The sanitizing base uses Ultra-Violet light (UV) to kills germs and bacteria that live on your brush head.

Q: Does the base have a UV light switch?

A: No. Once you place the brush heads in their proper place and close the UV Sanitizing Case Cover, the light automatically turns on and begins sanitizing.

Q: How often do you need to replace the toothbrush heads?

A: Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush heads every 2-3 months.

Q: Does the product come with a warranty?

A: Yes. We offer a 2-year warranty. For more information about this warranty, please see the product User Manual.

Q: How do I know what model I have?

A: You can find the description of the model on the bottom of the UV Sanitizer base.

Q: My light went out. Do you sell replacement bulbs?

A: Yes. If you are under warranty we will replace your light free of charge. If you are not, please contact us to place an order.

Q: What toothbrush head replacements go with this product?

A: The Elite Sonic Replacement Brushes and the Interdental Replacement Brushes are the replacement heads for this product.

Q: If I purchase the interdental heads do I still have to floss?

A: Yes. Dentists recommend that you floss daily.

Q: I charge my toothbrush every day, why is my toothbrush not turning on?

A: Charging your toothbrush on a daily basis can actually ruin the battery life. We recommend only charging your toothbrush once it runs out of charge. You can still store your toothbrush on the travel case's charging base, but the base should not be plugged in.

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